Step One - Clean Your Lens (this is not really a step)

It is really important that before applying QuikClear, that you start with a clean WAX FREE headlight lens. Wax of any kind will stop QuikClear from adhering to the lens surface. Use any ammonia based glass cleaner, such as Windex, Simple Green, or 409. Be certain to remove any bugs, or crud on your lens, otherwise QuikClear will make those flaws part of your lens. Headlight temperature should be above 50 degrees. Drying time is about 15 minutes after application, but will vary depending on the outside temperature and humidity.

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Step Two - Apply QuikClear

Using a gloved hand (not that it is toxic, it's just that it is sticky and hard to remove), open the QuikClear pouch. Inside the pouch is a pre saturated "Sponge-Wipe". Using side to side strokes, simply wipe the sponge gently across your lens, as if you were painting. Do not rub. If you miss a spot go back right away. After about one minute, QuikClear will begin to cure, and if touched or wiped, it will smear the coating. It should only take about 20 seconds at most, to completely coat your lens. Expect about 15 minutes for the lens to be dry to the touch.
Only apply one coat of QuikClear.

There is enough solution in the pouch to restore at least 6 headlight lenses. Reseal the pouch for additional future applications. *Hint - QuikClear also works on tail lights.

If one coat does not clear your headlight lens, you have two options:
1. Try one of the abrasive products on the market, that utilize power tools. You will have to remove the oxidized layer in order to achieve acceptable clarity.
2. Your lens is too far gone and is probably time for replacement.

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Step Three - Buff (optional)

After the QuikClear has fully cured (24 hours) using any ammonia based window cleaner, wet your headlight lens, and using a soft clean terry cloth rag, or Microfiber rag, buff the lens for additional clarity and shine.

Your lens clarity should last 6-12 months, depending on environmental conditions in your area. If needed, reapply QuikCLear if your lens shows signs of hazing in the future.

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Here is a video showing how to apply QuikClear. As you can see, it is pretty easy. There are no tricks or video cuts. The video is a little shakey but good enough to show how it is applied.

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Main features of QuikClear

Easy to Apply

Headlight lens clarity is achieved in less than 30 seconds. No tools, no buffing, no rubbing.


One pouch clears 6 headlight lenses.

Clearer Headlights Equals Safety

Clearer headlight lenses makes for brighter lights. Brighter lights equal better visibility. Better visibility equals higher level of safety.

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