Pouch dimensions - 3.5" wide, (8.9cm) 5" tall (12.7cm)
Weight 5oz (14.1 Grams)
Contains (1) 2" x 3" ( 5.1cm x 7.6cm)"Sponge Wipe" and approx 10ml (.34 ounce) of QuikClear solution, presaturated into the "Sponge Wipe".

Shelf life is two years

QuikClear in Action 1 Minute Video

An open invitation to fellow online marketing professionals who are currently selling automotive or similar products online.

QuikClear has demonstrated its sales success with our unique approach to headlight lens restoration. While QuikClear is an inexpensive product, carrying a low sales price the potential sales volume is out in the Stratosphere somewhere. With an estimated 255,000,000 million cars in the US (as of 2013) the potential market is incredibly huge. Being that we are both marketing on the internet, we also recognize the potential worldwide. Almost staggering. Individually, I will not be able to reach the entire market. Collectively, our chances are much better. My current focus is on the brick and mortar resellers, and prefer to leave the online marketing to those that already have a decent online presence. That is were the online sales partnership comes into play.

Consider adding QuikClear to your product line.

Consider adding QuikClear to your existing line of Automotive products. It is a very inexpensive "add on" for the tail end of your ordering process, or as a lead in item. Anyone ordering automotive beautification products will certainly appreciate the opportunity to further improve their vehicles appearance with a very small investment, and even less application effort. The customers' reactions are always surprising with how easy and effective QuikClear is.

We have the product, you have the customers

Getting started is pretty easy. We offer significant discounts for those who will be selling online and for those with actual Brick and Mortar stores. (See Resellers page).

Near the bottom of this page is a form to fill out, and we will send you our online sales pricing schedule. You can always give me a call. My name is Ted Deits and you can reach me at 714-928-0527 (voice or text) or Skype me at ted.quikclear.

You are not burdened with price limits. You charge what you want. You can sell internationally if you want, so long as you comply with the various import restrictions for the country of your choosing.
QuikCLear is easy to ship, weighs about 1/2 ounce (14.17 grams), and is compact and non hazardous.

Shopping Cart Examples

These are just samples of the many offers you can create.

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Single Purchase


  • Reusable / resealable pouch
  • One pouch clears 6 headlights
  • Only .49 shipping

10 Pack

$ $XX.00

  • Make the neighborhood happy
  • Distribute to friends
  • 60 Headlight lenses cleared

About Online Marketing of QuikClear

The process is pretty simple. We don't require much from you.

1. You must have a website that markets to automotive, hardware, car wash, detailers, general stores, drugstores etc. We are not that picky, but we don't want you to take on this product unless you have a decent distribution channel.

2. You are required to purchase an initial reasonable supply of QuikClear pouches. Generally about 200 pouches as your initial order.

3. We do offer significant discounts to online retailers. (Use the contact form to the right to get your discount schedule by return email, as we don't make trade discounts available to the public.)

4. We will provide you access to ready made ad banners, videos and product shots for your use. We can host the images or you can. It's up to you.

5. The only thing we don't do is provide your shopping cart. That will be entirely up to you.

The QuikClear pouch measures 3 1/2" wide (9cm) by 5" tall (12.7cm). Each pouch weights 1/2 ounce (14.7 Grams).

The QuikClear solution is 8ml in each pouch, that in turn saturates a "Sponge Wipe" enclosed in the foil package that measures 2" (5cm) by 3" (7.5cm)

The pouch is made of foil.

Shelf life is expexcted to be at least 2 years, but we really won't know for...wait for it...2 years.

We do offer QuikClear as a private label product. The blister pack card can be designed as you like it. The pouches for the Private lable product are genetic without branding or UPC codes. You can select either one or two pouches per card. The production time is generally about 4 weeks after receipt of approved art work. Minimum quantities typically are about 6200 packs.

Question - Can I sell QuikClear outside of the United States?
Answer - Yes, as long as you comply with the local import regulations.

Question- Can I sell QuikClear online if I am a QuikClear reseller? (Brick and Mortar).
Answer -Yes. There are no restrictions

Question - Do you offer protected territories for online sales?
Answer - No. The internet is a big place. Lots of room for everyone.

Question - Are there any shipping restrictions for QuikClear, i.e., flammible, toxic, etc.
Answer - No restrictions at all.

Question - How do I place my initial order?

Answer - Use the form to the right to first get your pricing. You will then be directed to a URL to place your order. A couple of clicks and you are on your way. We will ask for your web address(es) just to make certain everything is legit. If you are based in California, like we are, then you will need to provide a resale number to avoid paying the sales tax. Otherwise, we have to charge you tax on your order.