Video Testimonials on how it's done

Easy Application

This is actually the first video made using QuikClear. It's shakey, it's raw. Still it shows results!
2006 Toyota Tundra

Stunning Results

1 minute - This is video #2. Still shakey, still pretty hokey, but the fact is, the results are there.
2001 GMC Envoy

Fast N Easy BMW X-5

Watch this 2 minute video. It takes you from beginning to end of the entire process.

How To Video Toyota Sienna

Watch as we restore this Toyota's headlights in real time, no cuts, the entire process.

NEW - Clean, clear, brite headlight lenses in less than a minute!

Keep you, your family, and your car safer. Don't take chances with cloudy, hazy or obscured headlight lenses. Improve the appearance of your vehicle with clean, bright, shiny headlights. It literally only takes less than 30 seconds per headlight lens, and costs less than a cup of coffee. No rubbing, no buffing, no tools. If you have not watched the short video below, please do so. It shows exactly how QuikClear works

And the reviews just keep on coming in

Bill, Encinitas, California

"I used QuikClear on the headlights of my 2004 Toyota Prius and it worked like magic! The headlights are angled so over the years the sun had faded the clear plastic. With a simple swipe of the QuikClear cloth, the faded headlights immediately became clear and looked like new. This product worked as advertised and I would recommend it to anybody who has faded headlights. I give it 5 stars."
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George, Moreno Valley, California

"First off, I am not a paid endorsor of this product. Nor do I ever write reviews. After receiving it free and using it, I just had to let everyone know that QuickClear "REALLY" works! I opened the package and simply whipped it on my (03 saturn) very old cloudy headlight lenses. Instantly there was a difference, It looked NEW!!!! I waited a week to write this review just to see if the NEWNESS would go away. It still looks like new! I definitely will be recommending QuickClear to friends and family."
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Eugene, Lake Isabella, California

"I have tried other products that didn't work so I had low expectations. But this worked amazingly well. Even my wife was blown away. I was able to restore 4 sets of headlights. I highly recommend it."
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Eugene, The Woodlands, Texas

"It worked pretty good on my 2004 Mustang. Now lets see how long Quikclear lasts and long term effects. Thank you."
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Barbara, Mammoth Lakes, California

" Wow...this stuff really works! I meant to take before and after photos of our '92 Subaru Legacy fogged and yellowed headlights, but forgot so you'll just have to take my word for it. Very easy to apply and with a couple of swipes of the QuikClear cloth, the headlights on our old car were clear again. Thanks for the free sample!"
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Randy, San Marcos, California

" This product did wonders on my 2004 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet. Probably saved me about $100.00!! I highly recommend it."
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Tony, Agoura Hills, California

"Have a 99 Tacoma whose headlights were very cloudy just from sun damage. Used the quikclear and it's almost like putting oil on your lens it gets that clear. The change is instant and actually called the dude over to check them out when I was half done with one lens so he would believe me. Now I can't wait to see how it holds up. Great product so far! "
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Julie, San Diego, California

"The lenses covering the headlights on both of my 10+ years old Quads had lost their clarity but after applying QuikClear they are now once again crystal clear. Same with the Headlights on my 15 year old RV. Great product! "
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Jeff, San Diego, California

" OK, I was skeptical to say the least. Last time I refinished my headlight lenses by sanding them down with 1000 grit (superfine) sandpaper and then spraying on a clear-coat of urethane spray paint. It took a few hours, lasted for a few years, but now the clear is flaking off and the lenses look dull.

I applied QuickClear over the old scratched lenses and fogged clear coat with no preparation whatsoever (despite the prep instructions that are noted on the packaging. I applied to one headlight, didn't look too bad. THEN, when I went and looked at the headlight that I had not yet treated to compare, and I was quite impressed - the treated headlight looked SO much better.

Application took just a couple minutes. Hopefully the effect lasts a long time, but even if it doesn't - it was so simple and fast to apply... I will just do it again. "

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Connie, Huntington Beach California

I used your product on the headlights of my 2005 Lexus.... They had really turned yellow and filmy with age and wear. With just one application of QuikClear, they look like new again! Thanks!
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Clean, Shiny and brite
results are instant.

Safe and Fast

Enhance your vehilcle's appearance while adding a new level of safety with clean, bright, shiny headlight lenses.

Instant Results

Simply wipe on your headlight lens with the included "sponge Wipe". Results are instant.

long lasting

QuikClear will keep your lenses clear for 6 months to a year. If hazing reappears you can simply recoat your lenses with more QuikClear.

Shiny, clean and safe.

Nothing on the market, including toothpaste is as inexpensive to use as QuikClear. One foil pack will restore up to 6 headlight lenses, and you might have enough left over to do your tail lights. Yes it does tail lights equally as well.

makes a great gift

Well, maybe not a great gift. Not a good idea for an aniversary, but a stocking stuffer yes. Car club buddy, for sure. For the guy who has "everything" give him something that requires "nothing"

Adds to the factory UV coating

QuikClear does not remove the factory applied UV coating, unlike abrasive coatings that grind away all UV protection, QuikClear adds to the UV coating.

  • Fact is, most people are unwilling to take a power tool to their expensiive headlights, as required by many products on the market. Grinding, abrading and rubbing compounds removes the protective UV layer applied by the manufacturer. Removal of the UV layer further compounds the deterioration of the head light lens material. QuikClear coats the lens, never removing any factory supplied UV protection. No buffing, no grinding, no tools at all.

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Client Testimonials

The names have been changed, but the comments have not. Raw, uncut, with nary a spelling or grammer correction made.

QuikClear instant plastic headlight lens restorer

Easy to Use, Immediate Results, No Rubbing, No Buffing, No Tools Required Restores 6 Headlights